Vegetable Pakora $4.99

Filled with homemade cheese Mixed vegetable fitters

Panner Pakora $7.99

Homemade cottage cheese, buttered and deep fried

Gobi Pakora $6.99

Cauliflower, cottage cheese, buttered and deep fried

Vegetable Somosa/chana $4.99

Savory pastries with potato filling chickpeas curry (2 per order)

Chana Bhatura $4.99

Chickpeas curry with all purpose flour fluffy deep fried bread

Chana Puri $4.99

Chickpeas curry with whole wheatflour fluffy deep fried bread

Chaat Papri  $4.99

Chunky mashed potato with yogurt and sauce chickpeas

Chicken Pakora /lb  $11.99

Chicken breast dipped in special butter and deep fried

Fish Pakora /lb  $11.99

Veg. Samosa  $0.60